Personal landscapes is the project I made during my residency stay in Bristol. I was armed with the camera, graphic tablet on my flat and I wanted to do something with the people from the streets of England. So I descided I'll make them the digital portraits but not the exact copy of their picture from the street, but the mix of their portrait with their personal favourite location on Earth.

1. Take the photo of the person on the street
2. Ask about favourite place where they've been
3. Find the location and pictures of this place on the internet
4. Mix the photo of the person and the founded picture of the location
5. On new screen open the new file and draw the digital picture of the person with his favourite place, from the photo example on the second screen.
6. Personal landscape portrait is done

During summer, I plan to make the trip to Morrocco where I'll portrait new people with new favourite places

Thanks to all participants, Creative Industry in Košice, and Creative England in Bristol

Mae Voogd
Chris Draper
Michaela French
Bean Balsom
Gordon Purdy
Mimi Bird
Mark Axford
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